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    Gianfranco, 63 år.
    Italien, Vicenza

    I found her
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    Wolfgang, 55 år.
    Tyskland, Griesheim

    Ich habe auf ihrer Seite meine Wunschpartnerin gefunden und am 16.08.´23 geheiratet. Ich werde ihre Webseite gerne weiterempfehlen.
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    Andrey, 29 år.
    Kirgizistan, Bisjkek

    Все хорошо, просто познакомился в реальной жизни
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    Giuseppe, 58 år.
    Italien, Rom

    ho trovato la donna che cercavo. Grazie
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    Udo, 59 år.
    Schweiz, Walzenhausen

    ja gefunden
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    Joe, 40 år.
    Frankrike, Paris

    Très bien.
    Je fais une pause pour le moment.
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    Xavier, 47 år.
    Kanada, Montreal

    Me ha gustado
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    Timucin, 52 år.
    Turkiet, Antalya

    Yes I found someone
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    Joseph Fisher, 66 år.
    Amerikas Förenta Stater, Tampa

    I have been searching for more than 7 years, since my divorce.
    I registered on several different sites in the past.
    I just found this site about 1 month ago.
    But, on this site, I finally found the lady that I have been searching for.
    I am an older gentleman, and I know what I need from a relationship, and I know what I have to give in return.
    If I could have designed and built the perfect lady for myself, I could not have done a more perfect job, than with the lady that I met on this site.
    I am already so deeply in love with her, that I have no desire to ever look further.
    I will wish the best of luck to everyone who searches for a real love.
    I will wish everyone who searches, true happiness.
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    Khalil, 49 år.
    Bahrain, Manama

    I have found a suitable life partner
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    Mauricio, 50 år.
    Tyskland, Bonn

    I have found a beautiful lady in this page. We are getting to know each other beter and better.
    Great Page, gread woman.
    Thank you
    M. Santamaria
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    Blaine, 59 år.
    Amerikas Förenta Stater, Minneapolis

    I'm so impressed with this site. It seems too good to be true. Everyone appears to be genuine and very polite. It is a best kept secret and I wish I knew about it earlier. Thank you!
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    Maury, 49 år.
    Mexiko, Mexico City

    Todo muy bien, excelente sitio
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    Francesco, 54 år.
    Italien, Filadelfia

    Si ho trovato la donna che cercavo!
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    Bruno, 57 år.
    Italien, Carmagnola

    Sto messaggiando con una bellissima donna di Mosca
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    Andrey, 26 år.
    Ryssland, Saratov

    Всё хорошо
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    Turgay, 42 år.
    Turkiet, Istanbul

    Thank you guys for your attention.
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    Andres, 53 år.
    Spanien, San Sebastián

    Ya encontre mi mi Amor.Gracias a todo el equipo
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    Salvatore, 59 år.
    Italien, Rom

    Ci sono donne interessanti ma tante comunicazioni con molte di esse,cadono in meno di 24 ore,ma va bene cosi'!
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    Tomas, 43 år.
    Storbritannien, London

    Нет замечании
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